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Шапран олег викторович алд адвокат

Шапран олег викторович алд адвокат

Задать вопрос адвокату Кроме того на этой странице Вы можете ознакомиться с вопросами заданными адвокату и ответами на них. Возможно ответ на интересующий Вас вопрос здесь уже есть. Адвокат Теницкий О. Вопрос от Елены.

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Адвокат Шапран Олег Викторович

Задать вопрос адвокату Кроме того на этой странице Вы можете ознакомиться с вопросами заданными адвокату и ответами на них. Возможно ответ на интересующий Вас вопрос здесь уже есть. Адвокат Теницкий О. Вопрос от Елены. Дорогие читатели! Наши статьи рассказывают о типовых способах решения юридических вопросов, но каждый случай носит уникальный характер.

Если вы хотите узнать, как решить именно Вашу проблему - обращайтесь в форму онлайн-консультанта справа или звоните по телефонам, представленным на сайте. Это быстро и бесплатно! Вознесенский Печерский монастырь, ThevolumeisrichlyillustratedwithphotographsofthemanyofficialoccasionscelebratingthisanniversaryattendedbytheHead of the House of Romanoff, Grand Duchess Maria of Russia, and by her son and heir, Grand Duke George of Russia.

The book is intended for the widest possible audience, including professional historians and general readers who hold dear the traditions and historical legacy of the Russian state. The com- bined Great Church Council and Assembly of the Land unanimously decided in that year to offer the throne to Mikhail Fedorovich Romanoff and his descendants, the closest relative of, and legal successor to, the for- mer Riurikovich dynasty, which had ruled from to This decision to call the Romanoffs to the throne was made freely by the representatives of every social class in Russia.

Over the course of more than three centu- ries, the House of Romanoff faithfully and dutifully served the nation. Indeed, Russia became a great na- tion during the reign of the dynasty. The names of the rulers of the House of Ro- manoff are linked to a grand and dynamic epoch in Russian and world history — an epoch that, de- spite our shortcomings, human error, passions, and sins, remains up till now unique in its achieve- ments in building a multi-ethnic and pluralis- tic state, a harmonious and united home for all its population.

Архимандрит Тихон Затёкин , А. Панин Despite all the turmoil and changes that the world has undergone during the past century, the Russian Imperial House continues on. Her Imperial Highness The Grand Duchess Maria of Russia, a great-great- granddaughter of Emperor Alexander II the Tsar-Li- berator, is continuing the work of her Imperial ances- tors, whose rights and duties she has inherited in full accord with the law — honourably carrying forward with the mission to preserve and cultivate the ideals, spiritual values, and traditions of the first ten centu- ries of Russian history.

The House of Romanoff thus represents a living and continuous connection across time and with prior generations. The celebration of the th anniversary of the ending of the Time of Troubles, the restoration of the Russian state, and the ascension to the throne of the House of Romanoff dramatically showed that the Imperial Family in our day, as before, is dear to the Russian people.

The dynasty remains one of the foun- dations of civil society, a symbol of our glorious past, and a participant in all our achievements today. Archimandrite Tikhon Zatёkin , A. Государыни Великой Княгини Марии Владимировны.

Народный художник С. Холст, масло. Oil on canvas. My Dear Fellow Countrymen! Four hundred years ago, our country was con- sumed by the terrible and unprecedented Time of Troubles. Everything that the nation had achieved over the course of centuries and through the enor- mous efforts and sacrifices of the Russian people was on the verge of utter destruction.

The leaderless na- tion was disintegrating from internal civil war and foreign invasions, from the lack of resolve and the treason of the ruling class, from indifference, bitter- ness, suspicion, enmity, cowardice, deceit, and from the dishonesty and greed that had engulfed every lay- er of society, without exception.

Then, amidst the general chaos and madness there came the courageous voice of the First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Hermo- gen. He pointed the way out of the crisis by appeal- ing to conscience and by calling on all to embrace the most important human values — faith, hope, love, jus- tice, duty, and honour.

His appeal was not met with quick or easy success, however. The First Volunteer Army disbanded soon after forming be- cause of internal dissension within its ranks. But events nonetheless moved forward, so that even temporary setbacks served a useful purpose, clearing the patriotic movement of unreliable elements and uniting to it those who had formerly been rivals and opponents.

In the middle of February , the Volunteer Army began its triumphal march to Yaro- slavl, while in Moscow Patriarch Hermogen — the main inspiration for resistance during the Time of Troubles — died while imprisoned in the Chudov Mo- nastery, having suffered emotional and physical tor- ture and spending the last moments of his earthly life in fervent prayer for Russia. In April, a Council of All the Land was formed in Yaroslavl, uniting all the patriotic forces in a spirit of sobornost, or collegial solidarity.

But they put aside all per- sonal ambition, understanding that, to achieve a ge- nuine and definitive end to the Time of Troubles, they would need to follow the will of the people as freely expressed by their elected representatives from all regions of the nation and from all social classes.

On February 1 February 14 New Style , , in an atmosphere of extraordinary spiritual and patriotic fervor, the Great Assembly of the Land was convened, which included all the hierarchs of the Russian Ortho- dox Church and abbots of the largest Russian monas- teries, nobles and military leaders, courtiers and Cos- sacks, representatives of the various peoples of Rus- sia, merchants, townspeople, and peasants from every part of the nation.

The outcome of the Assembly of the Land was not determined beforehand. However, in the end there prevailed among all those present a very clear desire to restore the sovereignty of the Russian state and an independent, legitimate, and hereditary monarchy.

On February 21 March 6 New Style , , the Assembly of the Land firmly agreed that the essen- tial qualities for a leader of the Russian state were not eloquence of speech, nor fleeting fame, nor even ex- perience or heroism, no matter how important these qualities might be in a ruler, but rather indefeasible legitimacy and a living connection with the preceding epochs of Russian history. The closest legitimate heir to the extinct House of Riurikovich was Mikhail Fedorovich Romanoff, the son of Metropolitan Filaret, the first cousin of the last tsar of the first Russian Dynasty Tsar Fedor I Ivano- vich and a prisoner at that time languishing in a Po- lish prison.

The Assembly of the Land of issued a Confir- mation Charter summoning the House of Romanoff to the throne and laying out in simple and clear language the traditional and harmonious principles of the rela- tionship between the people and the government of the country, a formulated conception of the reciprocal re- sponsibilities between state and society.

Having learned that Russia now had a legitimate tsar, the foreign invaders sought to find and kill him. But their sinister plan was foiled by the immortal sac- rifice of Ivan Susanin, a simple peasant from Kostro- ma. It is deeply symbolic and providential that the new young monarch was saved — and not just him, but also all the hopes of the nation for deliverance from the evils that had befallen it — not by a grand battle, not by the great and mighty nobles, but by the self- sacrifice of an ordinary man.

Так началось правление Нашего Дома. The young tsar was not filled with joy on hearing this news, but instead was overcome with sadness and trembling. The throne was not a sought-after prize, but rather a heavy Cross, and he doubted that he had the strength to carry so great a responsibility.

Only the persuasion and exhortations of St. Feodorit of Riazan convinced Mikhail Fedorovich that he could not refuse the sacred duty that had been placed upon him by Divine Providence and by the will of the people. And thus began the reign of Our House.

The deliberations and decisions of the Assem- bly of the Land of were the culmination of a na- tional liberation movement. But the complete victory over the Troubles and over the ruins they produced in Russia still lay in the future. Only in — did the Russian armies succeed in finally libe- rating all of their native land from their enemies, and only then were peace treaties signed with Poland and Sweden.

After his canonical election to the Patriar- chal throne, the Russian Orthodox Church again had a true Helmsman. The restored Russian state thus presents one of the best examples of the great Chris- tian ideal of Symphonia — the distinct and indivisible cooperation of spiritual and secular authorities. In the tragic year of , during the very dates in Feb- ruary when the Assembly of the Land of was con- cluding its work, a Revolution erupted that would bring untold suffering to all — not only to its victims, but also to those who had led and brought about the Revolution in the first place.

During the three centuries of Romanoff rule in Russia, there were many successes, achievements, and victories. It is appropriate that we remember with honour the contributions that Our House has made to the history of Russia. But there were also many se- rious mistakes, dreadful miscalculations, and grave sins that were committed, as well.

We repent before God for these mistakes and sins, and we ask forgive- ness of the Russian people — both for myself and on behalf of my ancestors. Imperial Russia in was certainly not a state where all prospered equally. And the Revolution did not abolish poverty, or injustice, or cruelty, nor did it reverse the general decline in morals.

Quite the contrary. It merely multiplied the baser instincts and vices, glorifying violence and ruthlessly cru- shing the religious, moral, and ethnical foundations of society, as well as those useful customs that had formerly served as a bulwark against the triumph of evil. This monstrous attempt to construct a new so- ciety on the basis of atheism and totalitarianism suf- fered its inevitable collapse. But, unfortunately, the seeds of materialism, which were abundantly planted during the decades of rule by the atheists, are still pro- ducing poisonous offshoots, and their fruits are to- day often hardly any less destructive than they were during the Communist regime.

We find ourselves now only at the very beginning of the end of a second great Time of Troubles. It is impossible to find the right path out of these Troubles without looking back at the experience of past generations. The marking of various historical anniversaries offers the opportunity not only to ce- lebrate, but also to understand the past and to learn lessons from it. A century ago, in , the celebration of the end of the Time of Troubles was widely and sumptuous- ly celebrated as the Tercentenary of the House of Ro- manoff.

The anniversary seemed to demonstrate the indestructibility of the Empire and the genuine unity of Tsar and People. But only four years later, Russia had entered a new, even more terrible, protracted, and all-consuming Time of Troubles. In the twentieth cen- tury, our homeland twice would experience the com- plete collapse of the state, of its territorial integrity, and of its system of principles and ideals. Understanding these events should bring us — the people of the Third Millennium — to the correct conclusions.

Нам необходимо глубоко проникнуться мыс- лью, что мы празднуем летие подвига наше- го великого многострадального Народа. Тем самым признана ключевая роль событий Смутного времени для всероссийской цивилизации.

It is therefore especially important that this marking of the th anniversary of the end of the Time of Troubles be celebrated at the highest govern- mental level — appropriately, boldly, confidently. This holiday acknowledges the key role the events of the Time of Troubles play in mo- dern Russian culture. No great country can ever scorn its own glori- ous past. But however well-disposed government lea- ders and institutions may be to the celebration of the th anniversary of the end of the Time of Troubles, it will be a hollow celebration if the initiative does not come from the people themselves.

Even if motivated by the best of intentions, an overly officious celebra- tion will be dry, lifeless, and devoid of any genuine national significance. Only if the Russian people re- cognize the importance of historical events that took place four centuries ago can there be a celebration that will serve the interests of the country now and in the future. The Holy Russian Orthodox Church has, in ad- dition to fulfilling its primary and universal pasto- ral mission of saving souls, been an indestructible stronghold for all defenders of the Motherland, and therefore to it rightly belongs the central place in the celebrations of the th anniversary of the end of the Time of Troubles.

Every Church service that is performed in commemoration of the feats of this epoch offers praise to the Savior, unites us in prayer with our ancestors who defended our country with. Together with the Holy Church, all other tradi- tional confessions, members of which fought bravely shoulder-to-shoulder with their Orthodox country- men, will raise to God their thanksgiving and com- memorative prayers in accordance with the practices of their own faiths.

For civil society in all its many dimensions, this anniversary of the end of the Time of Troubles pro- motes a spirit of harmony and unity. People of all political persua- sions are united in their esteem for the victorious lea- ders of the Time of Troubles.

When looking back at the lives of the saints and heroes of this period, we should understand that we also today need to find not what divides us, but what unites us — to respect, to listen, to understand each other, not to excel in mutual re- criminations, but to look together for ways to over- come the difficulties and disasters that befall us.

In the fields of science and culture, this natio- nal anniversary can provide a powerful impetus for research and discovery, restoration work and the re- construction of historical and religious monuments, for the birth of new works of poetry, prose, painting, sculpture, architecture, music, and other forms of art, for the development of folk arts and crafts, and even for achievements in sport. The armed forces and all government institutions that maintain order and provide for the national de- fense will find in the events of the Time of Troubles examples of valor and honour — qualities that are es- sential for the strengthening of the martial spirit of the nation.

On the international stage, the celebration of the th anniversary of the restoration of the Russian state will strengthen a positive image of the country as one that remembers and honours its heroes. Friends and allies will acknowledge our strength of spirit, and our opponents will be offered a reminder of the futility of trying to destroy our nation. Tourism at sites of historical interest will increase because of the impor- tance of this anniversary, and that increase will fuel economic development in regions related to the his- tory of the Time of Troubles.

Everything listed above is merely a small part of what the celebration of the th anniversary of the end of the Time of Troubles will mean for our country. And while it in no way diminishes the symbolic, politi- cal, religious, and social significance of this anniver- sary, I believe that the civic and educational potential of this celebration must be identified and especially emphasized.

Commemorations, speeches and parades, acade- micconferences,andpublicappearances—noneofthis will touch the hearts of people today and of future ge- nerations if we cannot explain the significance of the events of the Time of Troubles and their connection to the lives of later generations. It is necessary to exploit the potential inherent in our history for instilling pa- triotism in our young people.

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Шапран олег викторович алд адвокат



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